Purezento – Indonesia Gift Craft with Variety of Japan Characters and Icons – from Bandung, West Java

Purezento is a brand with original craft that specialized in making various crafts -style “Japan Icon and Anime Character” with many handmade products. Purezento presents variety of gift and souvenir products, including plaque, small doll, tissue boxes, pillow, bolster, clock, sticker, key chain, wall hanging decoration, note book, tote bags, pin, pencil case, and so on. Besides on that, Purezento also sells hair and jewelry accessories with cute Japan character like hair clip, hairband, and necklace. Most of craft products here are made with a touch of hand painting with cute Japan icon and character original made by Purezento.

Purezento creates craft products slightly different from the type of craft hands imaginable with uniqueness of the product is a Japanese cartoon character. Purezento has 10 figures ( icon ), which each icon has character with identical colors and consisting of 6 girls + 4 boys characters. Purezento creates product design through the creative process -based printing which later became the final product in the form of wall art or decorative pillows. Those products decorative function to increase the aesthetic value of space.  All products of Purezento are highly favored by anime and manga lover and all people who love Japanese Culture. All products here are also suitable for birthday gift. Many gift and souvenir crafts of Purezento are specially designed according to the customers’ orders but still using original icon from Purezento.

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Jl Sirnagalih no 19, Padasuka
Cicaheum – Bandung, West Java
Phone: (+62) 22 9595 5750
Email: purez_purez@yahoo.com
Website: www.purezentos.com


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