Sanggar Loro Blonyo – Variety of Statues and Sculptures Craft from Kasongan Village, Yogyakarta

Kasongan Village is a residential area of the kundi, which means the pitcher or Gundi (people who make a similar pitcher, gendi, cauldrons and other kitchen items are also classified as decorative items). Loro Blonyo Gallery is a craft shop in Kasongan Village which sell variety of statues and sculptures Loro Blonyo Nyi Roro Kidul . Statue of Loro Blonyo is a pair of wedding statue sitting politely . Loro Blonyo sculpture was first created by the Loro Blonyo Gallery belonging Mr. Walujo. This sculpture of a pair of statues adopted bride belongs to the Kraton. In cognition of Java language, Loro means two or a pair, while Blonyo is meaningful makeup through the procession bath and dressed. In Java culture, Loro Blonyo statue will bring good luck and make a lasting domestic life when is placed in the home.

This Loro Blonyo Gallery sells bridal figurines that are made of ceramics. The raw material to make ceramic craft are obtained from Sukabumi area in the form of white sand which has his own production house. Employees of Loro Blonyo production house are 20 people and all of them are local residents. There are many ceramic crafts that sale in Loro Blonyo Galler, ranging from small ones craft like an ashtray, tissue containers, flower vases, soap containers, to sculptures complex to construct.

Some foreign tourists who love shape of Loro Blonyo statue and sculpture order with variety of forms such as dancers, guitar players, mannequin model, and others. “The shape of the clothes” of crafting the statue in Loro Blonyo Gallery is no longer uses Java grip, but to adopt the typical clothes several countries which are most wearing motif from Bali and Thailand. Some of the ceramics craft in this gallery now has sold a pair of these unique sculptures that are still manufactured in several different forms.

Kasongan RT 06, Bangunjiwo
Kasihan Bantul – Yogyakarta
Phone: +62 274 370519


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