Alia Craft – Beautiful Handmade Glass Painting Original from Sidoarjo, East Java

This gallery serves various painting craft products use glass material. Alia Craft supplies various kind of glass painting craft products for your home interior decorations. This gallery has hundreds designs for lamps cap, batik glass, glass accessories, bottle, ashtray, vases and others crafts that made from glass. Alia craft that placed in Bandung has products made one by one in handmade. Each glass is painted by hand made, so that each product is unique. There are various types of products available for glass painting, from a shot glass, perfume bottles, jars, oil lamp, and footed glass.

There are various kinds of motifs and colors available in Alia Craft. Motif and design of the product in every moment is constantly evolving and changing. In general, their themes and motifs of glass painting products are Turkey, India, China and Batik. Every process requires precision and caution so as not to distort the shape that has been made. The paint that used in product of Alia Craft is transparent to the line paint relief or embossed. Besides on that, the paint that used is a special kind of paint that is environmentally friendly and export quality.

Glass painting product of Alia Craft is not only suitable for home interior decoration, but also as collection of antique glass cupboard, wedding gift, or for birthday gift. All products of this gallery can be sold in a number of units or in large quantities. Design motifs and colors can be customized and logo can be added on demand. Glass painting craft products selling could be in retail and wholesale, national and export. Apart from being a merchandise, the store also plans will be used as a place or a workshop sharing knowledge to make the glass handicraft. Design your own custom made and contact this gallery;

ALIA CRAFT – Mrs. Laksmiwati Etty (the owner)
Jl. Duku 2 CA-215 Wadungsari – Waru
Sidoarjo 61256, East Java – Indonesia
Mobile: +62 813 3527 5277, +62 811 367 021 (Indra), +62 838 3188 4238 (Danu)



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