Retno Sembodo – Workshop of Beautiful Handwriting Batik and Embroidery Fabric from Blitar, East Java

Blitar, one of towns in East Java has a lot of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and cooperative with superior quality handicraft and ready both compete locally and international. Retno Sembodo is one of SMEs in Blitar which having specialization in handwriting batik craft. Retno Sembodo has many kind of handwriting batik motifs and designs from Indonesia particular […]

Padma Kencana – Batik Manufacturer and Gallery of Elegance Batik Clothing from Surakarta, Central Java

Surakarta, or people also call this city with name “Solo” is famous with handwriting batik craft with a lot of batik designs that made by craftsmen in this area. Solo Batik has its own signature that very well known by many Batik lovers. Moreover, Solo has been known and established as one of Batik culture downtown. You can choose […]

Handwriting batik of Fajar Batik in peacock motif is drawn simple with horse and arranged in some positions

FAJAR BATIK – Workshop of Handwriting Batik with Natural Color and Design from Ponorogo, East Java

Batik, in Javanese means ‘to Dot’. Basically there are two kinds of batik; Handwriting Batik (batik tulis) and Printed Batik (batik cap). The price of handwriting batik is much more expensive than printed batik. Fajar Batik is located in Ponorogo downtown, East Java. Warna Alam (nature color) Batik motif is the signature motifs from Ponorogo, East Java. This kind type of handwriting […]

The uniqueness of the Madura batik motif that also provided by Athaya Batik is "Gentongan" batik. Gentongan batik process can take up to 6 months of storage in the barrel as part of the dyeing process.

Athaya Batik – Gallery of Beautiful Handwriting Batik with “Gentongan” Motif from Madura Island, East Java

A specialty clothing store named “Athaya Batik” may make you sit for hours to explore the beautiful hue typical Madura batik. Despite new efforts around two years, Mrs. Vetrylla Prima Zastrina, the owner of “Athaya Batik” can manage it quite successful experience with information expertise, so that they can also do online sales. Displaying the various […]

Rifky Batik Tirtomoyo – Gallery and Workshop of Beautiful Batik Fabric Original from Tirtomoyo, Yogyakarta

Rifky Batik Tirtomoyo is a manufacturer and gallery of Batik Cotton Fabric which making good quality and creative designs of Batik Fabric. Indonesia Batik Cotton Fabrics from this workshop are supplied to retailers, importers and distributors who are looking for Wholesale Batik Fabric. All batik fabric products of Rifky Batik Tirtomoyo are handmade many types of Batik, such as; […]

Batik Oast – Beautiful Batik Shirt and Fabric with Variety Light Colors from Pekalongan, Central Java

Pekalongan Batik has its own signature that very well known by many Batik lovers. Moreover, Pekalongan has been known and established as one of Batik culture downtown. Batik Oast is one of Batik workshop which offers unique and fashionable Batik products. Some of Batik Oast products are all kind of Batik fabrics and clothes in various models […]

Laksamana Batik – Specialist Shirt and Fabric of Batik Handmade from Sragen, Central Java

Sragen is the biggest batik production centers after Pekalongan and Solo. In Sragen, there are two sub-districts, Plupuh and Masaran batik centers. The two sub- centers have some batik -producing village. The layout of them are close together, opposite each other in the north and south of the Bengawan Solo River. The villages in the […]

Batik Gunung Kendil – Handwriting and Contemporary Lasem Batik from Rembang, Central Java

Batik Tulis (handwriting) Lasem is begin to know by many people since several fashion designer present it in some fashion exhibition. Lasem itself is a small city in Rembang, Central Java that commonly called as old city. Batik Lasem often said as the soul of the city. Batik Gunung Kendil is a batik workshop that specialize in […]

Ha-Ka Batik: Gallery Shop of Batik Sarimbit with Beautiful and Ethnic Motif from Indonesia

Batik Sarimbit is a kind of batik that sold in pairs to be used in pairs as well, usually by a husband and wife. Batik Sarimbit is also batik couples that usually have in common in terms of pattern or color. Ha-Ka Batik is a batik brand that provide variety of batik sarimbit product. All Batik Sarimbit shirt […]

Batik Mago – The Beautiful of Batik Handicraft on Fabric and Glass Product, from Bogor, West Java

Batik Mago is a manufacturer of various batik handicrafts based fabric with natural dyes. Batik Mago is the work of Suryawati Liman Halim who has a showroom in Branangsiang Indah. Unlike the other Bogor Batik, Batik Mago does not only use the motif of Bogor, but also mix and match with other motifs. In addition to […]