Variety of Beautiful Wooden Crafts from Bojonegoro, East Java

Bojonegoro is also known as one of teak manufacturers  in Java because Bojonegoro has large and wide teak forests. So it’s not surprising if Bojonegoro has a lot of furniture and handicraft industries that made ​​of teak wood. Bojonegoro has a variety of potential which deserves to be proud that one of them is a potential of teak wood lathe craft in the Batokan Village. Batokan Village that located in Kasiman is the center of teak wood lathe craft native of Bojonegoro. There are many manufacturers or wooden craft centers in Bojonegoro among Kasiman, Margoagung and Sukorejo.

Teak wood carving craft in Bojonegoro is truly unique because it is made by imagination and no pattern, even actually there are not products that have exactly the same size. This is promises of unique product that will not have the same product with one another. All handicraft such as vase, fruit bowl and plate, spot lights, ewer, jar, calligraphy, ashtray, pen, and miniature wooden craft products are very suitable for your home decoration and as souvenir or gift. You can buy this wooden craft retail and wholesale. So, let’s contact Department Industry and Trade in Bojonegoro to know the detail of wooden product.


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