98 Percent of Indonesian Fishery Products Received by Countries in the World

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) stated that 98 percent of Indonesia’s marine and fishery sector products were received in export destination countries. This is based on the performance records of the Fish Quarantine and Fishery Product Safety Quality Control (BKIPM). Meanwhile, the export value of various commodities has increased, for example, the […]

Indonesia Exports Coconut Sugar to Spain

The Ministry of Trade released the export of coconut sugar from Banyumas worth one million Euros or Rp. 16 billion to Spain. The export of coconut sugar from Banyumas to Spain will continue to be sustainable with a total of 24 containers of orders per year. This coconut sugar product will later be marketed by […]

New Indonesian Product Made By Health Students: Ginger Jam

As a favorite school in Bantul Regency that is engaged in the health sector, Bantul Health Vocational School Yogyakarta is highly committed and contributes to creating new breakthroughs in the community. One of the products from this school has become a novelty that is liked by many people even to the world market. This interesting […]

Introduce Indonesian Spices to the World

Even though it is known as the world spice-producing country, the popularity of Indonesia spices is still not too well known. That is why the Indonesia government developed a program entitled Indonesia Spice Up The World (ISUTW). Indonesia Spice Up The World is one of the government programs involving ministries/agencies, as one of the efforts […]

Indonesian Food Industry is More Innovative through Indonesia Food Innovation

The Ministry of Industry initiated the Indonesia Food Innovation (IFI) program for food small and medium industries (IKM). This program involves academics, practitioners, and the food industry. The IKMs are expected to increase their capabilities in developing their industries. IFI is a business acceleration program aimed at food SMIs that have product innovation or process […]

Bondowoso Creative Home Industry – Snack Souvenir Center with Various Kinds of Chips and Crackers Product

This is the manufacturer and supplier of snacks products from Bondowoso, East Java. There are many kinds of healthy snacks in Bondowoso Creative Home Industry. You will find the banana chips, potato chips, yam chips, intestine chips, tempe chips, cassava chips, and many more chips and crackers that made by craftsmen of Bondowoso Creative Home […]

Mawar Indah – Healthy Snacks and Chips Manufacturer from Banyuwangi, East Java

Known as agriculture and plantation crops, Banyuwangi that located in East Java province has many snack manufacturers, one of them is Mawar Indah Snack. Mawar Indah is the supplier of snacks products from Banyuwangi. There are many kind of healthy snacks and chips here. You will find the banana chips, sweet potato chips, yam chips, tempe chips, […]

Various Kind of Snacks and Traditional Food Products from Agribusiness Union in East Java

Welcome to the snacks and traditional food shop in East Java Agribusiness Union . You’ve come to the right place for delicious and nutritious snacks, chips, and traditional cakes. This union supplies various kind of homemade chips with selected main food material, such as; cassava, bananas, apple, potatoes, corns, and some vegetables to proceed into chips and […]

Bunga Tulip – Manufacturer and Shop of Indonesia Snack, Chips, and Souvenir Food from Tuban, East Java

Talking about the typical food and snack of Tuban is endless for reviews. You must visit to the Tuban, East Java if you want to taste the various kinds of delicious and nutritious food, chips, and snacks. Bunga Tulip is famous brand of various kind of homemade snacks starting from sweet potato chips until marning, the famous and […]