SMY Collection – Skilled Craftsmen of Webbing Craft and Ethnic Woven Product from South Kalimantan

Wearing the bag with the basic ingredients of plants such as water hyacinth, pandanus, coconut shell, or rushes is not as fancy as the using of leather bags with the price millions of rupiah. But behind it all, there is elegance and ethnic elements that is no other bags having it, even the level of Hermes bags. “Natural exclusive products” that’s the motto of webbing craft business in SMY Collection. Almost all bags are made of natural plant-based, starting from the plants that are already commonly used as crafts, such as water hyacinth and rattan. Although rattan and water hyacinth product is not new in the world of crafts, but with effort working of craftsmen in SMY Collection and supporting of this area that is very easily found water hyacinth and rattan in South Kalimantan, so SMY Collection always provides the best quality handbag and storage of webbing craft with various kind of motifs and colors. Webbing craft handbags here that designed by SMY Collection are always up to date and following the new trend.

SMY Collection is also wicker and fabric handicraft store. SMY Collection sells many kind handicraft products made from rattan wicker and fabric material, such as; handbag, storage, tissue box, hat, wedding knickknack, tray, wall hanging, and much more. All products are handmade, created by talented  and trained craftsmen, so that all products are very unique and beautiful. SMY Collection is also embroidery workshop and sewing craft. This worlshop is the center of Moslem fashion clothes with beautiful design, comfortable, and elegant Moslem female dress. This shop use cotton to produce its products and cotton material has thick texture, not opaque and body shaping. 

Let’s go to workshop of SMY Collection and collect natural handbag with ethnic value

Pebaungan Hilir Village RT 1/ RW 1 No. 31
Candi Laras Selatan District, Tapis – South Kalimantan
Mobile: (+62) 853 4976 1994
Instagram: Muslimahyahya


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