Kartini Bordir and MS Sulam – Emroidery Craft Center in Surabaya with Beautiful Motif and Design

Kartini Bordir and MS Sulam are embroidery workshop in Surabaya city. These place are the center of embroidery and knitting, sewing and crafts. Kartini Bordir and MS Sulam sell and accept orders of various kind of bags, pouches, wallets, phone cases, women accessories, clothes, fabrics, and souvenirs. All those products are made from various kind of […]

Titi Collection – Handicraft Product from Small Business of Women Association in East Java

Titi Collection is able to serve various kind of crafts that made of sewing and weaving process such as handbags, shirts, table cloth, woven fabric, and many products with various types of shape that is very suited to complement the beauty or household supplies. Titi Collection is one of women small and micro enterprises in East java. By […]

Amira Handicraft – Gallery of Embroidery Craft and Patchwork Creation from Surabaya, East Java

Patchwork is a “waste” fabric remnants which the most people look the fabric is no longer useful. But in the hands of creative people, patchwork can be transformed into a beautiful bed covers, blankets, curtains, bags, dolls, coasters, and others. Utilization of patchwork fabric can rag to beautify the room, living room, or in every corner […]

Luchu Craft – Creativity of Unique and Cute Handmade Craft by Young People from Surabaya, East Java

One and only in Surabaya, unique handmade craft for doll, cute basket, tote bag, accessory, and souvenir in different shapes and models made ​​of knitting, sewing, and embroidery method. Luchu Craft that found by teenager college student group from Surabaya presents handmade products, including handbag, pouch, unique rattan basket combined with cute fabric decoration, dolls, […]

Elfira Collection – Gallery and Boutique of Embroidery Cloth and Moslem Fashion from Lampung, Indonesia

Lampung has many featured craft products that have the potential to export, one of them is industrial of embroidery. Lampung embroidery industry is so unique and has a different style with other regions in Indonesia. With manual machine embroidery, Elfira Collection produces comfortable and elegant cloth for women as well as Moslem fashion and kebaya cloth with flower and […]

All handmade collections in this shop are made from good quality handmade by skilled craftsman

Chawaty Collection – Shop of Accessories Craft and Moslem Fashion Product, from Surabaya, East Java

Chawaty Collection is one of accessories shop and Moslem fashion boutique in Surabaya city. This shop supplies mukena (female Moslem wear for praying), women long-sleeve clothes, long shirt, and hijab fashion. Chawaty Collection also has known for its embroidery fashion, made by local tailor and designed by skilled embroidery designer. All clothes products here uses cotton material that […]

Anakami – Beautiful Creation of Embroidery Bag and Pouch from Depok, West Java

Anakami is an embroidery and knitting workshop in Depok city. This place is the center of embroidery and knitting, sewing and crafts. This place sells and accepts orders of various kind of bags, pouches, phone cases, women accessories, hair accessories, and souvenirs. All those products are made from various kind of fabrics with various sizes. The gallery also […]

Mazana – Embroidery Craft Adventure Shop with Premium Own Themed Design from Jakarta

This embroidery handicraft gallery is located in Jakarta. This gallery supplies embroider handmade in handbag and wallet products, such as handbag, pouch, purse, beach bag, backpack, and many more beautiful embroider handmade products. Besides on that, Mazana also serves premium your own themed design on blankets, bags, table mat, clock, and others home creative appliances & […]

Variety of Indonesia Handicrafts and Foods – Made In Probolinggo, East Java

Reviewing a wide range of potential areas in Indonesia indeed seemed never ending. One could even say the whole area over this country, from Sabang to Merauke, have excellent potential each of which can support the growth of local economies. One of these areas in Indonesia is Probolinggo which has excellent potential handicraft manufacture market […]

Walet Sewu – The Center of Various Embroidery Souvenirs from Pasuruan, East Java

Walet Sewu is an embroidery workshop in Bangil, Pasuruan, East Java. This shop is the center of embroidery clothes, sewing and crafts. This gallery is special to embroidery craft kebaya (traditional cloth from Java) and jasko (jas koko or koko coat). Walet Sewu also designs beautiful, comfortable and elegant sajadah (fabric for Moslem when praying), […]