Banten Handicrafts That You Must Know!

Besides famous for its tourist destinations, Banten is also famous for some of its handicrafts. These handicrafts are made directly by the native people of Banten and have their own beauty and characteristics. In fact, some of these typical handicrafts also contain mystical values. What are the typical Banten handicrafts? The first typical Banten handicraft […]

Some Indonesian Handicrafts That Sell Abroad

As is known, Indonesia has a lot of unique crafts that very well known, but are there many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad? In fact, there are many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad, ranging from batik cloth, wayang, to woven bamboo. All these crafts are sold abroad, of course because they have their […]

Definition of Export

By definition and function, export is a form of international trade. Exports occur when goods produced in one country are shipped to another country for sale or trade. Exports are important for the country’s economy. Because commodity sales increase the country’s gross income. Export is the delivery of merchandise abroad. Exporting is sending merchandise abroad. […]

10 Products of Indonesia Exports in the World

Year on year basis, total exports of Indonesian products rise 51.94%, the highest increase from non-oil exports. Exports of crude oil and gas increased both in volume and in value. Meanwhile, from non-oil and gas exports there was an increase in commodities such as steel, jewelry, gems and precious metals. Some of Indonesia’s mainstay non-oil […]

Other Traditional Indonesian Products That Attract International Market

Congklak Board GameThis congklak game is a traditional children’s game from Indonesia. Nowadays it has become a very rare type of game and can only be found in antique shops or during art exhibitions and events. As is well known, in contemporary times, millennial children are very attached to technology. They prefer to play gadgets […]

Collaborating with Mozambique, Indonesian Products Will Grow More in Africa

Indonesia enjoys multiple benefits from the trade agreement with Mozambique. For that, it is hoped that domestic entrepreneurs will take advantage of this cooperation to expand their business to Mozambique. The first advantage of the Indonesia-Mozambique Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) is the expansion of the Indonesian trade market. Because, it is no longer focused on […]

A Line of Indonesian Products That Has Good Selling in Malaysia

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. It is not surprising that this country is capable of creating many things. In fact, some of these products are superior quality so that they are also traded abroad. One of the destination countries for Indonesia is Malaysia. Then, what Indonesian products are selling well in the […]

A Post-pandemic Digital Future For Indonesia SMEs

Indonesia’s small businesses, which employ a large proportion of the nation’s workforce and contribute around 60 percent to the country’s economy, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, with the economy plunging into recession following an economic contraction recorded since mid-2020. Given micro, small, and business enterprises. Medium (MSMEs) became the backbone of the […]

Mahkota Kopi Raja produces not only general arabica blend coffee product, but in each coffee product there is "a pray" that can bring a happiness when you drink it.

Indonesian Products That Are Ready To Sell In Saudi Arabia

Micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) assisted by a number of ministries and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce are given the opportunity to ‘open a stall’ in Saudi Arabia by exporting their products. Based on the records of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, there are 5 products that will be exported by the assisted MSMEs: […]