The Silver and Leather Craft Industry in Kotagede is Increasing

Kotagede, a sub-district located in Yogyakarta, Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). This area is bordered by Bantul Regency in the north, east and south, and bordered by Umbulharjo District in the west. Since ancient times, the indigenous people of Kotagede called Kalang people have the expertise to make wood, silver and gold […]

Aesthetic and Functional Crafts from Coconut Coir

As is known, that coir is kind of waste from coconuts, which are usually thrown away because they are no longer used. However, coconut coir is not a waste, if it is in the creative people hands. It is because some of these handicrafts from coconut coir can be made into very aesthetic and functional […]

Eco-Friendly Craft Materials, from Banana Fibre to Kombucha

The craft industry is increasingly innovating to be able to adapt to environmental issues that hotly discussed. One of the innovations is to utilize organic materials that environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Craftsmen also collaborate with researchers to find new materials that can be used as craft products. So far, we are familiar with […]

East Kalimantan Handicrafts, a Form of Indonesian Cultural Heritage

The handicrafts of East Kalimantan are one of the cultural heritages that have recently begun to fade. Various forms of wicker handicrafts made of bamboo which have been an example of local culture are slowly being abandoned and replaced with modern tools due to the times. The forms of East Kalimantan handicrafts such as tray, […]

Some Indonesian Handicrafts That Sell Abroad

As is known, Indonesia has a lot of unique crafts that very well known, but are there many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad? In fact, there are many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad, ranging from batik cloth, wayang, to woven bamboo. All these crafts are sold abroad, of course because they have their […]

These 4 Typical Joglosemar Crafts Can Be Used As Souvenirs

Who doesn’t miss exploring Indonesia and enjoying all the beauty and charm it has to offer? Being at home for long periods of time may seem boring to some people. Moreover, the activities that can be done are also limited. However, don’t let that limit you from sharing with friends, relatives, and family. Because, support […]

Indonesian Products Exhibited at “Belt & Road Expo”

A number of superior products from Indonesia were exhibited at the Belt & Road Expo 2021 in Shanghai. At the international exhibition, Indonesia established a special pavilion. Some Indonesian products include biscuits, prawn crackers, instant noodles, swallow’s nest, and coconut juice drinks are presented there. Archipelago cultural arts performances also presented at the Indonesia pavilion. […]

7 Crafts from Natural Materials As The Hallmark of Indonesia and The Examples

Indonesia handicrafts have been widely known in the world with various forms, creative, innovative, and always evolving. Indonesia is also known as an exporter of handicrafts made with natural processes and materials. Thus, the handicraft products made are also very diverse and have certain characteristics from each region. The manufacture of handicraft products in one […]