The Silver and Leather Craft Industry in Kotagede is Increasing

Kotagede, a sub-district located in Yogyakarta, Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). This area is bordered by Bantul Regency in the north, east and south, and bordered by Umbulharjo District in the west. Since ancient times, the indigenous people of Kotagede called Kalang people have the expertise to make wood, silver and gold […]

Aesthetic and Functional Crafts from Coconut Coir

As is known, that coir is kind of waste from coconuts, which are usually thrown away because they are no longer used. However, coconut coir is not a waste, if it is in the creative people hands. It is because some of these handicrafts from coconut coir can be made into very aesthetic and functional […]

Getting to Know the Variety of Fabric Drawing Arts from Indonesia

Every 2nd in October, since 2009, Indonesia has commemorated it as National Batik Day. This commemoration was decided since Unesco declared batik as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Intangible Culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity). In various literature records, it is known that batik comes from two words in Javanese, […]

Banten Handicrafts That You Must Know!

Besides famous for its tourist destinations, Banten is also famous for some of its handicrafts. These handicrafts are made directly by the native people of Banten and have their own beauty and characteristics. In fact, some of these typical handicrafts also contain mystical values. What are the typical Banten handicrafts? The first typical Banten handicraft […]

Get to know About Batik Lasem Tiga Negeri with Unique Motifs

Batik tiga negeri is batik that has three colors, including red, blue, and sogan (yellowish brown). In Lasem, Rembang Regency, Central Java, batik tiga negeri has been exist for hundreds of years. At that time, batik tiga negeri used noni root for red, indigofera leaves for blue, and tegeran wood for brown. Although it has […]

East Kalimantan Handicrafts, a Form of Indonesian Cultural Heritage

The handicrafts of East Kalimantan are one of the cultural heritages that have recently begun to fade. Various forms of wicker handicrafts made of bamboo which have been an example of local culture are slowly being abandoned and replaced with modern tools due to the times. The forms of East Kalimantan handicrafts such as tray, […]

Some Indonesian Handicrafts That Sell Abroad

As is known, Indonesia has a lot of unique crafts that very well known, but are there many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad? In fact, there are many Indonesian handicrafts that sell well abroad, ranging from batik cloth, wayang, to woven bamboo. All these crafts are sold abroad, of course because they have their […]

Getting to know Ulos, Songket and Sasirangan Fabrics

One of the most famous Indonesian charms abroad is wastra, or Indonesian authentic fabrics. The popularity and uniqueness of this Indonesian product has even been named UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Wastra is an Indonesian product that also an endless source of inspiration. The philosophical values embodied in each of its styles become the identity […]

Souvenirs of Banyuwangi, From Coffee to Batik

A trip to Banyuwangi will not be complete if you don’t buy souvenirs. The typical souvenirs of this area are also very diverse, ranging from drinks, food to batik cloth. The following are souvenirs that must be tried when visiting Banyuwangi. Kopai OsingKopai Osing or coffee osing is one of the mainstay products of the […]