GBN 2017: Tehnik Pewarnaan Alam Batik Yang Tak Boleh Pudar

Batik telah menjadi icon Indonesia, batik merupakan budaya bangsa Indonesia yang sudah diakui UNESCO pada tanggal 30 September 2009 sebagai salah satu warisan budaya tak benda bangsa Indonesia. Penggunaan batik berbahan serat dan pewarna alami, merupakan bukti perpaduan dan pemanfaatan keanekaragaman hayati yang akan berdampak pada pelestarian keanekaragaman hayati dan pendapatan ekonomi masyarakat.  Mendukung promosi […]

AIKORI Bag – Brand of Fashion and Exotic Genuine Leather Bag Product from Semarang, Central Java

Aikori is a natural and genuine leather bag brand. Aikori always puts the quality of every product that this workshop make, from the leather until making process that is made a very neat finishing. All bag products of Aikori are from cow leathers with various models of bags that are simple yet enticing design. Aikori brand supplies various kind of leather […]

UD Zylan – Producer and Manufacturer of Trendy Leather Shoes and Sandals from Sidoarjo, East Java

UD Zylan is manufacturer of leather shoes and sandals for men and women in Indonesia. All products are made from selected leather and made by skilled craftsman. The leather shoes and sandals are in international quality, so you will satisfied with the products. This homemade products has famous in leather shoes and sandals lovers because the handmade shoes and sandals […]

Kartini Bordir and MS Sulam – Emroidery Craft Center in Surabaya with Beautiful Motif and Design

Kartini Bordir and MS Sulam are embroidery workshop in Surabaya city. These place are the center of embroidery and knitting, sewing and crafts. Kartini Bordir and MS Sulam sell and accept orders of various kind of bags, pouches, wallets, phone cases, women accessories, clothes, fabrics, and souvenirs. All those products are made from various kind of […]

Titi Collection – Handicraft Product from Small Business of Women Association in East Java

Titi Collection is able to serve various kind of crafts that made of sewing and weaving process such as handbags, shirts, table cloth, woven fabric, and many products with various types of shape that is very suited to complement the beauty or household supplies. Titi Collection is one of women small and micro enterprises in East java. By […]

SUJUDKRAFT – Gallery of Exclusive Handmade Glass Ornament Craft from Gresik, East Java

One and only in Gresik, handicraft creation for souvenirs and home decoration in different shapes and models made of glass raw material pyrex bars. White sparkling of glass ornament creations in Sujudkraft look like crystal and so beautiful, no wonder the eye can be widened in awe when you see it. Its unique method for […]

The leather products of Menink are in international quality, so you will satisfied with the products.

Menink Leather – Manufacturer and Store of Leather Shoes and Bags from Magetan, East Java

Not only Sarangan Lake, Magetan also has other icons that are not less interesting to visit. Yes, there is regional craft leather shoes. Located in Jalan Sawo, Selosari Village, Magetan, there are seen lined up many stores offering a variety of types and models of leather shoes with various kind of sizes and colors. Menink is […]

Main Pola Craft – Gallery of Wooden Craft with Variety of Batik Motif and Ethnic Value from Yogyakarta

Main Pola Craft is gallery of wooden crafts in Yogyakarta. This gallery shop provides wide range of wooden handicraft and home accessories products that made from wood with good quality. Main Pola Craft also produces a lot of home accessories that are made from quality wood. Craft products of Main Pola Craft are mostly made of wood […]

Eeb Gading Art – Beautiful and Unique of Hand Painting and Calligraphy Mortar Craft from Surabaya, East Java

Eeb Gading Art is gallery of various handicraft products that using mortar material. Mortar handicraft product has converted into a very beautiful and unique calligraphy painting handicraft with various motifs and colors. This is one of handmade products from Surabaya regency, East Java. As wall decoration, the calligraphy painting was create in a such way so it looks beautiful to hang […]

Daun Agel – Gallery and Handicraft Training for Variety of Handbag Craft Made from Natural Material

Daun Agel is enterprise and gallery that producing a range of handicraft from natural materials, especially from sewage plant. The material is mostly made by leaves and root. Daun Agel always keep doing innovation to create handicrafts in sewage plant material that it can be still used to serve as beautiful handicraft. Some of their well-made […]