When the Belgian Public Interested in Indonesian Food and Beverage Products

The presence of Indonesian food and beverage products at festivals and exhibitions abroad is not only for introducing culture. There is also a business factor, where it is hoped that Indonesian food and beverage products can be exported to various countries around the world, including Belgium. At the recent Tavola Expo exhibition in Brussels, it […]

98 Percent of Indonesian Fishery Products Received by Countries in the World

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) stated that 98 percent of Indonesia’s marine and fishery sector products were received in export destination countries. This is based on the performance records of the Fish Quarantine and Fishery Product Safety Quality Control (BKIPM). Meanwhile, the export value of various commodities has increased, for example, the […]

New Indonesian Product Made By Health Students: Ginger Jam

As a favorite school in Bantul Regency that is engaged in the health sector, Bantul Health Vocational School Yogyakarta is highly committed and contributes to creating new breakthroughs in the community. One of the products from this school has become a novelty that is liked by many people even to the world market. This interesting […]

Introduce Indonesian Spices to the World

Even though it is known as the world spice-producing country, the popularity of Indonesia spices is still not too well known. That is why the Indonesia government developed a program entitled Indonesia Spice Up The World (ISUTW). Indonesia Spice Up The World is one of the government programs involving ministries/agencies, as one of the efforts […]

Unique Rembang Srepeh Satay with Tofu Sauce

Rembang Regency, Central Java has a unique satay concoction, Srepeh satay. The main ingredient is chicken meat, but the spices and the accompaniments are different. Such is the specialty!Discussing Indonesian satay seems to be endless. Because many regions in Indonesia have unique satay concoctions that are worth trying. No exception with the typical satay of […]

Indonesian Products Exhibited at “Belt & Road Expo”

A number of superior products from Indonesia were exhibited at the Belt & Road Expo 2021 in Shanghai. At the international exhibition, Indonesia established a special pavilion. Some Indonesian products include biscuits, prawn crackers, instant noodles, swallow’s nest, and coconut juice drinks are presented there. Archipelago cultural arts performances also presented at the Indonesia pavilion. […]

Sate Toe, Pangandaran’s Special Culinary

In addition to beautiful beach tourism, Pangandaran has delicious cuisine. One of them is the yellow spiced satay toe which is chewy and tasty and served hot. If you visit Pangandaran beach, don’t miss this typical culinary tasting. Its name is satay Toe or fresh water clam satay. This satay toe is a typical culinary […]

This Culinary Product Is Original From Indonesia

A culinary product is identified by its brand. Often times, the brand also identifies the quality of a product. Regarding brands, there are a number of Indonesian culinary products that are often mistaken for foreign origin. The assumption is built, perhaps because the quality of the product is equivalent to an outside brand. Hoka-Hoka BentoThe […]

Indonesian Food Industry is More Innovative through Indonesia Food Innovation

The Ministry of Industry initiated the Indonesia Food Innovation (IFI) program for food small and medium industries (IKM). This program involves academics, practitioners, and the food industry. The IKMs are expected to increase their capabilities in developing their industries. IFI is a business acceleration program aimed at food SMIs that have product innovation or process […]

Ailani Food, one of home food industry in Malang, was successfully making innovation of abon from oyster mushrooms

“Abon Jamur Ailani” – Healthy Food Innovation Original from Indonesia with Basic Ingredients of Oyster Mushrooms

Shredded, also called rousong (in China), meat fiber, meat wool, meat floss, pork floss, flossy pork, pork sung or yuk sung, is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton. In Indonesia, shredded is known by the name of “Abon” and it is used as a topping for many foods, such as congee, tofu, etc. It is […]